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Integrating content and commerce to drive more personalized shopping experiences.

Commerce and content are quickly evolving, and it’s important for clients to understand the roadmap that must be in place when it comes time for planning, designing and implementing a personalized commerce experience.

With Sitecore's eCommerce functionalities, both their native out-of-the-box capabilities as well as external eCommerce solutions, marketers today are able to deliver personalized shopping experiences that transform for each user based on what is known about the customer. This type of internal knowledge and external messaging, from awareness to advocacy and from one purchase to the next, allows you to generate, grow and maintain ROI while providing users with a connected experience from path-to-purchase.

Verndale's Process

When it comes to all of our eCommerce integrations, Verndale performs a technical review, starting out by understanding the back office systems currently in place that will be supporting the client's eCommerce solution. We do this by reviewing each of the systems in play and getting a good understanding of your products and the hierarchy that they fit into, exploring what data is coming from where, figuring out how your selected eCommerce platform will integrate with Sitecore and determine the necessity of an enterprise service layer to connect Sitecore, the eCommerce platform and the back-office systems.

In short - we ensure we fully understand how all of the moving pieces interact with each other, all before the architecture is put in place.

Sitecore eCommerce Platform Expertise

Verndale has expertise integrating all of the eCommerce technology solutions recommended by Sitecore including:

  • Sitecore Commerce Server
  • Insite Software
  • Active Commerce
  • Orkestra
  • Hybris