Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS) & Experience Management (XM)

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You can’t just turn on the DMS and take it for a ride.

Sitecore's Digital Marketing System (DMS) - now titled Sitecore's Experience Marketing (XM) Capabilities - is a powerful set of tools that provide a single, coherent and uniform view of your prospects. With engagement analytics, testing, rules-based personalization, campaign management and reporting you, as a modern digital marketer, can deliver an engaging user experience across all of your marketing channels. But making the leap to this level of sophisticated marketing can be daunting.

Verndale has one of the most sophisticated Sitecore DMS practices in North America with more than a dozen implementations and one of two Sitecore Digital Strategy MVPs in North America. Our strategy team has been trained by Sitecore to deliver the Sitecore Business Optimization Services (SBOS) curriculum to clients and even other Sitecore Certified Partners. A Sitecore DMS Readiness Evaluation gives deep insight into how best to adapt the DMS to your digital marketing by looking at the technical, strategic and operational requirements.

Verndale DMS Readiness Evaluation

Strategy Review
Verndale will review expectations, goals, timeline and performance indicators that will be used to assess project success, and will offer proven best practices derived from its experience implementing Sitecore's DMS.

Technical Review
The DMS requires a robust and high-performing site architecture to support the analytics, personalization, and testing capabilities of the platform. Verndale will complete a DMS technical readiness discovery and review of your current Sitecore implementation to assess its ability to support the DMS including infrastructure, CMS architecture, customizations and integrations with modules and third party software. Depending on the outcome of this process, Verndale will capture and prioritize the fixes needed for an optimal configuration of the DMS.

Operational Review
While Sitecore DMS is a powerful tool, to take full advantage you should be operationally prepared with proper training, a content strategy that will fuel your DMS activities and a strong understanding of how to transform analytics into action. Verndale will outline a comprehensive approach to training, as well as evaluate your current operational readiness and make suggestions where appropriate.