Black and Decker

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Respected manufacturer looked to retool its online image, unify brands and construct a more engaging experience for its community of DIYers.

Our Challenge

Design and build a new community-focused digital domain with a fresh experience for customers of an established brand.

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Stanley Black and Decker loves it customers and they love their tools. Unfortunately, the experience customers had on Black and Decker’s website was less of a loving feeling. As a global brand, Black and Decker evolved to execute different digital strategies across a multitude of platforms. What was needed was an overhaul in the digital strategy that aligned with the new brand, focused on first-time DIYers that would scale to all countries around the world.

For the Black and Decker site, what the company and their customers lacked was a place to get together and talk shop. As a result, Black and Decker needed to create a site to engage – looking online for new project ideas. To create a memorable experience, Verndale suggested creating an interactive community featuring products and projects that would appeal to DIYers.

Areas of Impairment:
  • Fragmented Marketing Technology Ecosystem
  • Lack of a Unified and Engaging Customer Experience
  • Little focus on the growing mobile user community
Our Solution

What Did We Do?

Designed and built a dynamic, new experience focused on product and community leveraging the Sitecore experience platform. The new site is the foundation of a global marketing technology consolidation that will provide a dynamic experience in dozens of languages around the globe.

Areas of Enrichment
Alignment >

Worked with a global stakeholder community to align strategic objectives and deliver a dynamic new experience.

Experience >

Experience focused site includes rating and reviews, discussion forums, polls, and areas to collect and share DIY project ideas.

Implementation >

Used Sitecore to combine all marketing tools into a unified technical solution.

Hybris PCM
Integration >

Built an integration to allow Hybris PCM product data to populate Sitecore in an effort to allow centralized control of product content worldwide

Our Process

How Did We Do It?

Combining an innovative design approach with deep Sitecore technical expertise, we created a seamless solution able to meet requirements from multiple departments and stakeholders.

Experience and Market Review

Performed a full analysis of existing digital assets and the opportunities in the market.

Community Strategy

Developed a unique engagement strategy and distinctive experience for DIY customers.

Technical Discovery

Analyzed requirements for digital marketing and platform selection.


Created the visual design and established a new, quicker information architecture.

Community Engagement

Used a third-party integration enabling customers to easily write reviews, post discussions and view ratings.

Front-End Innovation

Used onsite discovery sessions to unify varied team approaches.

Future Roadmap

Created a platform to be extended to all Stanley Black and Decker brands.

Enterprise Service Layer

Built a dedicated service tier to create a unified technical solution.

Hybris Connector

Created a custom integration to connect product and customer experience management.

Salesforce Integration

Allowed customer service teams to interact with the re-envisioned support section.


Worked with the leadership team to clarify diverse objectives and define clear deliverables.

Targeted Analytics

Consolidated disparate analytics tools and created a more workable, insightful solution.

Competitive Benchmarking

Set goals and metrics to evaluate progress throughout project.

The Results

Marketing Tools Operating at Full Power

With a unified technology solution to help their teams manage the newly built customer experience, Black and Decker has nailed a whole new way to engage with their audience. The Verndale solution gives DIY customers a place to learn, engage and shop. And, it gives Black and Decker the tools to collaborate and grow.

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The Results
Centralized experience management
Clear brand definition and presentation
Community oriented metrics