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Building a connected brand experience within each phase of the path to purchase.

In the maturing digital landscape of today's commerce-driven marketplace, customers hold very real expectations for seamless, intuitive and relevant brand experiences as they research, purchase and support the products they use in their personal and business lives.


Does your roadmap support your customers' needs?

Today, most B2B and B2C organizations have digital systems and staffing in place to address the growing customer demand but are often not realizing the business impact and return on these investments. Helping to develop a properly considered and holistic strategy, Verndale assures that the solutions we build are targeted and impactful against the experiences and digital capabilities that matter to your customers, your employees and your business.


Commerce Experience Management

The ultimate convergence of commerce and brand to deliver an experience your customers will love.

One Seamless Experience

Today, content, commerce and the brand experience are being brought together to create a new generation of Commerce Experience Management within many industry leading organizations. The resulting solutions support the journey's and choices of all customer and market segments from a cohesively architected unified commerce ecosystem, providing one seamless customer experience from a highly efficient and integrated core digital platform.

Verndale Branding
Brand Experience
  • Brand Strategy
  • Experience Architecture
  • Visual Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Management
  • Omnichannel Digital Marketing
  • Operational Integrations
  • Transactional Integrity
  • Security & Performance

Beyond eCommerce, it’s digitally powered eBusiness.

To produce and deliver a comprehensive brand and commerce experience, organizations must first have a clear understanding of all elements of their business.

Business Architecture

Comprehensive identification and mapping of all business model entities.

  • Suppliers & Manufactures Suppliers & Manufactures
  • Products & Services Products & Services
  • Organizational Structure & Operations Organizational Structure & Operations
  • Sales & Marketing Channels & Touch Points Orders & Engagement
  • Market & Customer Segments Market & Customer Segments

Customer Lifecycle

Customer centric approach to identifying and quantifying needs and requirements.

  • Explore & Learn
  • Compare & Select
  • Buy & Manage
  • Use & Engage

Administrative Lifecycle

Allowing your team to understand the capabilities and capacity to support the customer lifecycle.

  • Educate & Inform
  • Sell & Promote
  • Deliver & Support
  • Service & Engage

Business & Operational Process

Understanding alignment of business operational flows and transactions to better serve customers and drive business efficiency.

  • Products & Inventory
  • Pricing & Programs
  • Orders & Delivery
Commerce Operations Commerce Operations
Customer Level Customer Level
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Customer Management
  • Account Management

Technical Architecture

Comprehensive Inventory of all systems, applications and 3rd party services required to support the digital vision and strategy and align to the operational and administrative model of the business.

  • Logical Architecture Logical Architecture
  • Integration & Data Map Integration & Data Map
  • Physical Architecture & Infrastructure Physical Architecture & Infrastructure
  • Development Standards Development Standards
  • Non-Functional Requirements Non-Functional Requirements